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Audit and accounting organization

Proactiva Audit S.r.L. is an auditing and accounting organization established in 2018 which is part of the SFAI network with offices in the main countries of the world.
It is registered under No. 180634 of the Register of Statutory Auditors held by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

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Services for your company

  • Audit of the annual and consolidated financial statements included listed companies
  • Audit of Italian branches of international groups
  • Limited audit of particular areas or sections of the financial statements
  • Auxiliaries of Statutory Auditors or Sole Auditors
  • Due diligence related to extraordinary transactions
  • Expert pursuant to art. 2501-sexies of the Italian Civil Code
  • Internal auditing
  • Analysis and design of internal control systems structured to provide reliable accounting data
  • Accounting training

Not only small and medium-sized companies

Our customers are represented by small and medium-sized companies, but due the professional experience gained, we are able to support them in their growth path up to the formation of national and international Groups and to the eventual goal of listing on the Stock Exchange.


Experienced professionals

The company's staff is composed by professionals with solid experience gained in national and international contexts.

The quality of the service provided is ensured by a careful analysis of the customer's needs and a constructive professional relationship that aims to address the substance and significance of the problems respecting the requirements of the Auditing Principles.

The corollary of the definition of our professional profile is a marked critical approach and a mental and cultural attitude aimed at multidisciplinarity.

Enzo Spisni
Partner and Sole Director

Enzo Spisni

Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Bologna. Registered in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Bologna and in the Register of Legal Auditors. He developed his professional experience in leading auditing and accounting companies becoming Partner.
He is specialized in the statutory audit of financial statements also of listed companies.

He was appointed as expert pursuant to art. 2501-sexies of the Italian Civil Code in merger of listed companies. He holds and has been an effective member of the statutory auditors.

He is Chairman of the Supervisory Body in various companies of a listed Group. He has developed significant experience in the field of administrative and accounting due diligence in merger and acquisition transactions.


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